Indian model Gurmit Kaur photographed by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue August 1990

I’m usually not confident in my journalism work till I’m validated by the interviewee or an editor. It’s needless to feel this way, but it is the journo mindset. But it feels hugely gratifying to be in demand with magazine internships. I’ve got 3 lined up in London this summer, then one major fashion mag is interviewing me for the Fall which would mean holding off my masters by a term…so many big decisions to make. I’ll be immodest and say that I’ve come a long way from the 18yr old who flunked the first round of jschool! Fuck yeah!

When Bollywood theses attack!!

I know I’m in a jschool masters but I hadn’t expected thesis time to come so soon! Tentative arts and culture topics include:

The Queerbani of Gunday: of shirtless fighting and desire

The oppressive egregiousness of the Rahul/Raj persona in his newest films…

The mean characteristic Weinstein cuts for The Grandmaster depriving me of more Tony Leung and Chang Chen…

The many ways that Raj Kapoor and Chaplin are similar/dissimilar (furthering my mammoth essay from my first film class)

Why moustaches tore the Anil and Jackie team apart. Aka The Masala Mouche project.

How Swami & Friends is a wicked and interesting colonial allegory parijatt knows what I mean ;__;

The hilarious and varied reactions of bonjour-tristesse to Kal Ho Na Ho, Gunday, and Ram Leela.

The glorious masalaism and buried messages of bad parenting in the “lost and found” films of Manmohan Desai…

I kid with these, but it’s plain to see that it will likely concern something to do with identity formation alongside something film, art, music related since it’s mainly my forte. I do love profile pieces as those are most fun and illustrative to write. But It’s gonna be a long and contemplative summer since I absolutely cannot rely on leaving it late as lit reviews stink!



The Arundhati Experience + Cloud 9 

I know I’ve been plastering my twitter and other social media with the ravings of a starstruck fan. But meeting Arundhati Roy, one of my heroes was such a big deal for my career and life. I managed to keep my composure in spite of fellow upper year journos doubting my questions and the added stress of my school article being delayed for the umpteenth time. But Arundhati was lovely and complimented me after saying I was well-researched and very good in starting the press day well. She even waved off the rude PR woman to answer 2 more q’s.

I feel quite fearless and happy since then as Arundhati sent an email to the organizers yesterday morn, saying “The journo you sent from JugniStyle was very impressive and thoughtful with her questions.” I couldn’t recover from that bit, it just confirmed that despite my struggles in hard news stories I have my niche and the interviewee appreciated my commitment too!

I know I don’t need to look for validation in my interviewee as a journo but it is certainly fabulous to know I impressed her. Yesterday at her talk, she even recognized me and was happy that the article was up on the HuffPost too! So please do take a look and tell me the good the bad the shitty:

The original work: The HuffPo link:

Forget trying not to sound like such a fledgling student journo when talking to Arundhati Roy today (2pm is almost coming too fast) what does one wear in the presence of a queen and my cult studies hero??! Any suggestions for “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, but  IM ALSO 1/18 AS COOL AS YOU” aesthetics, please send along!! 

I spend half my Fridays just swooning at Mads in Hannibal and covering my eyes like a chicken. Why can I not stop?

parijatt replied to your post: So…I get to interview Arundhati Roy!!!!!!!
im sure she gets it all the time but pls ask her if she is working on her second novel ;______________________; akdfjdkjfdkfjd

Fab question, I hope she does another too!

khudgarzi replied to your post: So…I get to interview Arundhati Roy!!!!!!!
whaaaaat thats awesome

I know, I’m so happy certainly beats the monotony of jschool articles!

garbagecats replied to your post: So…I get to interview Arundhati Roy!!!!!!!
omg this is so cooooool good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need all the luck, not to get flustered and ask about her makeup routine!

pontiacbandit replied to your post: So…I get to interview Arundhati Roy!!!!!!!
WOW! congratulations!!!!!!! :’)

Thank you!! ;_____;

So…I get to interview Arundhati Roy!!!!!!!

She’s actually granted our mag a bit more time than regular news outlets in the city, which is mega, and so daunting for me to act like the proper journo I want to be. Please do send me any questions that i can ask on your behalf, as I’d love some good ones to throw in!

I only have khudgarzi to thank for our film class playing Ram Leela and allowing me to salivate and swoon over Ranveer Singh once again, and that is the perfect reason to escape jschool blues with!